Tourist Destinations

Kijihiki Highland (Panoramic observation deck)

The Kijihiki Highland is located 15 minutes’ drive from Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station. The panoramic observation deck at an elevation of 560 meters has a facility where visitors can take the time to enjoy the magnificent views from indoors. The facility affords a commanding view of Tsugaru Strait, Mount Hakodate, Onuma, and Mount Komagatake, as well as the viaduct of the Hokkaido Shinkansen Line tracing a huge arc over the Ono Plain.

Trappist Monastery

Formally the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, Our Lady of the Lighthouse Abbey, nine monks from France visited the area in 1896 to establish Japan’s first Trappist monastery. Known for Trappist butter and cookies, the soft serve ice cream made at the monastery from the butter enjoys popularity for its rich taste.

Hokuto’s cherry blossom viewing spots

Hokuto City has countless famous cherry blossom spots. From the 300-year old cherry trees to the large-scale cherry blossom tunnel, visitors can enjoy various types of cherry blossoms. Hokuto’s cherry blossoms come in a huge variety making it a great place for a leisurely walk while comparing.

In addition, cherry blossoms in three spots—Houki Temple, Ruins of Matsumae Clan Hekirichi Jinya, and along the Ono River—are illuminated at night to form the Hokuto cherry blossom corridor.

Cherry blossoms at night showcase a different face than the cherry blossoms in the spring sunshine.

Hokuto is the best place to visit in spring where visitors enjoy a view of a city filled with cherry blossoms.

  • sakuraShidare weeping cherry blossoms at Houki Temple

    One of Hokkaido’s largest Shidare weeping cherry blossom trees is said to be nearly 300 years old.

    The cherry blossoms are illuminated during the cherry blossom corridor event.
  • sakuraHachironuma Park

    With a slightly higher elevation than other famous cherry blossom spots, the cherry blossoms in this park reach full bloom later in the season.

  • sakuraRuins of Matsumae Clan Hekirichi Jinya

    This famous 800 m tunnel offers rows of beautiful cherry blossoms.

    The cherry blossoms are illuminated during the cherry blossom corridor event.
  • sakuraKiyokawa’s Thousands of Cherry Trees

    With nearly 1.8 km of cherry blossoms, the street showcases the Somei Yoshino cherry trees and wild cherry blossoms.

  • sakuraA row of cherry blossoms along the Ono River

    This cherry blossom-lined street extends from the Hongo Bridge to Seseragi Park along the river.

    The cherry blossoms are illuminated during the cherry blossom corridor event.
  • sakuraTrappist Monastery

    The contrast of a brick building and pink double cherry blossoms creates a beautiful tree-lined street.